Memorandum of Understanding

2019-2020 Scholarships

Lake Chelan Rotary is committed to service and community and has a long history of supporting educational opportunities for youth by providing scholarships for students in the Lake Chelan Valley.  These scholarships are given to Chelan and Manson students to pursue a post high school education at colleges, universities, trade or technical schools.  The scholarships are made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Lake Chelan Rotary and generous donors.  They are administered through Lake Chelan Rotary 501(c)3 known as: Lake Chelan Rotary Community and International Fund (The Fund).

Application Deadlines

There are three separate applications: one specifically for students planning on attending a four year college or university, one for students who plan on attending a trade or technical school, and one for students applying for the ShineOn scholarship.  Applications and instructions for submission will be available on line as of January 15, 2019.  Completed applications and supporting documents may be submitted electronically or by mail to: Lake Chelan Rotary Scholarship Committee, PO Box 601, Chelan, WA 98816, no later than April 16, 2019.

Students may only apply for one of the scholarships in a given academic year.  Students applying for more than one Rotary scholarships will not be eligible for more than one Lake Chelan Rotary Scholarships.

Determining Financial Need

The Lake Chelan Rotary Scholarship Committee in its selection process for all awarded scholarships is seeking to assist students who have financial need.  Students who without financial assistance will not be able to attend post high school studies or for students that funding post high schools studies would be a considerable hardship for their families.

Evaluation Process

Applications will be reviewed by the Lake Chelan Rotary Scholarship Committee and representatives of “The Funds” Board of Directors.  Applications are evaluated on an objective and competitive basis using established criteria for each type of scholarship.  In the final selection process students will be invited to interview with the Scholarship Committee and representatives of The Funds Board of Directors.

Award Announcement

Students will be notified of award status by May 15, 2019. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified and given instructions on how to proceed.  

Award Dispursment

Once Rotary has received the required signatures and documentation, payment will be made directly to the institution of higher learning that you have chosen to attend.  Scholarship recipients will be expected to attend a designated Rotary luncheon to accept and acknowledge their awards.

Award Use

Scholarships awards are to be used during the 2018-19 academic year.  The scholarship may be used for tuition, class fees, supplies and books.  

In the Event of Full Funding

If a selected recipient for one of the Rotary scholarships is able to secure full funding via other scholarships and sources to pursue their educational plans for the 2018-19 academic year, the Lake Chelan Rotary may request that their award be returned and it will then be awarded to the 1st runner up that still has substantial need to pursue their educational plans for the current academic year.

Parent Consent

As part of the Lake Chelan Rotary Club Scholarship application the applicant and their parent/guardian must attest to the accuracy of the application materials.

The Parental Consent Form must be signed and returned with the application package in order for the applicant’s materials to be considered by the Scholarship Committee.

Available Scholarships

Lake Chelan Rotary will award two $2,500 academic scholarships.  One will be given to a Chelan graduating senior and one to a Manson graduating senior. These scholarships are for students intending to pursue a traditional four year college or university degree.   

Lake Chelan Rotary will award four $2,500 scholarships to students planning on pursuing career and technical (CTE) degrees, certificates and credentials at accredited trade/technical schools.  Two will be given to Chelan graduating seniors and two to Manson graduation seniors.

Lake Chelan Rotary will award one four-year ShineOn scholarship.  The ShineOn scholarships are specifically intended to assist graduating seniors who have overcome significant adversity in life and have reached their goal of graduating from high school.  Shine on Scholarships are open to students from both Chelan, Manson and the Chelan School of Innovation.

Promise Scholarships

The Rotary Promise scholarship will be announced at a later date.

Students May Only Apply for One Scholarship in a given Academic Year