Golden Egg Hunt

Spring is here and it’s time to find that Golden Egg worth $500! The Golden Egg Hunt is an annual community event hosted by KOZI Radio and the Rotary Club of Lake Chelan.  We encourage individuals and families to tune into KOZI radio beginning March 26, 2018 to listen for daily clues on how to find the famous Golden Egg!  Daily clues will also be posted on this page after 8:00 pm each day during the week beginning March 26.   The prize inside the egg is a certificate for $500 redeemable for cash.  The certificate will be redeemed on Saturday March 31 at the KOZI radio station located at 123 E. Johnson, downtown Chelan.

Be sure to thank our sponsors for making this community event possible and please be mindful of property when ‘in the hunt’!  Digging, or the movement of property, is not permitted.

Your home town Rotary club is committed to providing a variety of community services both local and international.  To learn more about Rotary and what local Rotarians are involved with please browse this website.  If you have questions about our purpose or club activities, please use the ‘Contact’ button to send us an email.  The Rotary Club of Lake Chelan gives special thanks to all participants and sponsors involved in supporting this tradition and we wish all of you the best of luck in locating ‘The Golden Egg’!

…and the winners are…

you must wait and see – all will be revealed Saturday March 31, 2108 – we hope!

…where did they find it?…

no one knows!

2018 Golden Egg Clues

Monday – March 26, 2018

The clues begin.  They’ll help you win.

Welcome Spring. The bird do sing.

I’am not round, but I am around.

Find my hiding place, and you’re an ace.

You can’t see me from your car; the road’s to far.

The value of the prize is far beyond my size.

Here’s a chance to test your skill.  If you don’t find me, someone will.

Up in the sky?  Down on the ground?  You’ll do best if you look around.

Every clue you hear is true. None are meant to trick you.

Think these clues are pretty dumb?  There are better ones to come.

Tuesday March 27, 2018

The grass is green. The sky is blue. Open air is good for you.

Not going to sit in plain sight. To find me, you’ll have to fight.

Takes sharp wit and strong heart to reach the end, you must start.

If I were to weave a golden nest, what materials would be the best?

High on a hill or down by the shore, look for me then look some more.

Rotary folks put this hunt together. “Service Above Self” in all times and weather.

Doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall. This treasure hunt is open to all.

Rocks to gravel, gravel to sand, all of these could be at hand.

All directions are before me. Heaven and earth, I can see.

Thanks to the sponsors who make the hunt happen. They care about us. You won’t catch them nappin’

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Today’s the day you’re half way there. But then again, you don’t know where.

Go for grass, not concrete. Not too wild, not too neat.

If you wander near or not, will I tell you cold or hot?

Tap on metal, it will ring. What sort of song will you sing?

Take a walk, now that there’s no snow. Where would you hide me?  That’s where to go.

There are trees and grass and gravel in the area where you travel.

Water is important here, specially when you see what’s near.

Numbers count still; make of that what you will.

Across the water I can see from the place I must be.

There’s many a twist and turn if my resting place you would learn.

Thursday March 29, 2018

Look at the Butte with no snow.  Find the egg.  Off you go.

Turn a circle with arms out wide.  There’s space for the egg with treasure inside.

I can see a robin happy and free.  Do you suppose he can see me?

Look where Spring is turning green all the new growth that can be seen.

Find the roundabout heading West then turn around would be best.

If clue guessing hurts your head, find me fast where the clues have led.

Hunt for me as one or a team.  Use head and sight to follow the dream.

Squares and rectangles can be seen.  Squint your eyes into focus keen.

Lucky all who live in this valley.  Now’s the time to stage a rally.

Don’t give up hope; give it one more try.  I know you’re a winner by the look in your eye.

Friday March 30, 2018

Come hunt for me, one and all.  Treasure hunts can be a ball.

Is there water somewhere near?  Find the treasure to make all clear.

Some sit down and some must stand.  Just be patient, the win is at hand.

The lake has sailing all for pleasure, but a boat won’t hold this egg’s treasure.

What’s another name for paddle?  This is serious, not fiddle-faddle.

Can you hear and feel the wind blow?  I’m not protected from weather, you know.

Old folks and young folks all come out.  If they win, hear them shout.

I may not have diamonds and gems, but still there’s treasure for fellas and femmes.

In old libraries, in old books, in old maps may be treasure hooks.

I laugh as I watch folks chase around.  Find my home and I’ll be found.

Saturday March 31, 2018

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