2018 Lake Chelan Rotary/KOZI Golden Egg & Radiothon

The 2018 Rotary/KOZI Radiothon will be held on March 31,  2018.  This is a crazy, zany, funny, unique day on KOZI.  Lake Chelan Community radio Station – KOZI will generously turn over the station operation to Lake Chelan Rotary between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  The cast of characters will include: Rotary President Lester Cooper, Chamber of Commerce Director Mike Steele, Kyle Plew from Real Life Lake Chelan, CHS Interact Club and many more!  New amateur radio wanna-be’s will be added every half hour.

All of the programming, ads, news, interviews, Second Cup, and music will be brought to you by Lake Chelan Rotary.  All advertising proceeds will support the service projects of Lake Chelan Rotary, including support for Chelan and Manson High School scholarships.

The chairpersons for Radio Day are Tom Tochterman who will be ably assisted by former radio personality Ray Dobbs, retired NPR and radio guru Lyle Mettler, Concie Luna and many other Rotarians.

The Golden Egg

Beginning Tuesday  the week before and the day of Radiothon, clues will be broadcast on KOZI to help you find the Golden Egg.  Listen to KOZI to hear our sponsors give their daily clues.  Follow the daily clues and win big.  One successful individual will find the Golden Egg and be rewarded with a $500 cash prize. The prize winner will be featured on KOZI where they will exchange the voucher they have found for the cash.

The Silver Egg

The Silver Egg is specifically for children under the age of 15 years.  On Saturday the day of Radiothon, clues will be broadcast on KOZI to help you find the Silver Egg.  Listen to KOZI to hear our sponsors give there daily clues.  Follow the daily clues and find the Silver Egg.  One successful person under the age of 15 will find the Silver Egg and be rewarded with a $50 in cash and other valuable prizes .  The prize winner will be featured on KOZI where they will exchange the voucher they have found in the egg for the cash.


Help us to help your community. When you advertise your business or product during the Radiothon, 100% the cost of your advertisement will go directly to help those in our community who in need, may have lost everything in the fires of 2014 or may be an aspiring high school senior that needs help to get to college or occasional school.  Please expect a visit from one of our Rotarian committee members.

The cost of advertising is very inexpensive!  For $100 you will get two live advertisements each lasting one minute plus your name will be mentioned on air and you will become known to all. For an additional $50 your advertisement will be broadcast on 2nd Cup.  There will only be 20 of these 2nd cup opportunities.  Please send an e-mail to: cluna283@gmail.com if you are Concie Luna interested in this great opportunity.


Call in or stop by KOZI and make a direct tax deductable donation. You and your business will be publicly acknowledged (if you wish) and 100% of your donation will be deposited in the Lake Chelan Rotary Community & International Fund (“The Fund”).  You can request that your donation be used in support of local high school scholarships and community service projects, or one of the international projects that Lake Chelan Rotary supports such as: Polio Plus, Shelterbox Disaster Relief, or the Brighter Future Project in Kenya.

If you would like to make a donation online, click the button and fill in the form:

“The Fund” is incorporated and recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to “The Fund” are Tax Deductible under IRS regulations. The IRS Tax Exempt number is: EIN 45-5569645